Our Proven Process Produces Results


Our first initial meeting is to learn everything we can about you and your company. Your marketing styles, your systems, your products, your customer service, your  communications.  We need to learn as much as possible to accurately understand your positioning.


During the planning stage, we work to decide which method or system will work best for you. Whether we are wanting to update your web image or transition your current technology to updated systems, each avenue will go through a strategic planning phase.


Execution is when we bring you back into the picture and set up time slots to begin to slowly migrate to the new system or method.  Our team will explain the new processes or answer questions as we go and depending on the scale of work this can be the most timely.


As the plan is being executed, each move is watched and reviewed for measurement. If the original method is not working the way we predicted, it will be re-accessed at this time.  The testing phase allows us to formulate the perfect method or systems for you.


In the last phase, we tie up any loose ends and finalize each detail. In the future, if you have questions or concerns we have 24/7 tech support, as well as, reliable support for web development. Our continued relationships with clients have resulted in true satisfaction.

Some Words From Our Clients

As one can imagine, changing from one IT company to another can be daunting. The perceived risk can create a paralyzing fear that will cause an owner to stick with what they’re used to rather than what they need. John Weston and his team have worked tirelessly to alleviate those fears and remedy our IT “headaches” one problem at a time.

From the start John met with us, got to know our company and LISTENED to what we needed. John worked with us to create an affordable plan that got our technology working for us not against.

James Marshall, Petit Auto Wash

I am a fairly tech savvy individual, however I am also able to admit when I do not know. I luckily had the good fortune to work with John prior to taking on my new role in a different capacity. He was the IT guy at the company where I worked, Hilscher-Clarke, and was a great person to work with there and I thought he would be a great fit for what was needed here as well.

I can honestly say that all of the things that needed to be fixed are now taken care of. Our systems now run pretty smooth.

Damus Cole, Electrical Trades Center, JATC

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